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We are ambitious to make life easier for everyone around us which curated the idea about a Burmese American translation app, BATA!


Online translation


Design, development, layout support, and deployment

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We believe in technology and innovation which made this project important from the core, where we had to combine consumer experience, indulge with the interface, make it accessible, and organized with advancement!


Consumer data analysis Competitor analysis

Product Design

User flow Wireframing


Android app iOS app


Play store publishing App store publishing

Our Project Challenges

The client

The client came up with the challenge of breaking all language barriers and giving their agency the voice it needs through our application.

The challenge

One of the major challenges we faced was to overcome the translator feasibility at all times, and provide a medium of communication with BATA.

What we did

Our plan was simple, to combine artificial intelligence and technology. This gave us an edge, and we made a language platform fit for all!

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